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NCGO 2016 - President's Letter to Rt. Hon.Amber Rudd MP, Secretary of State

Rt. Hon.Amber Rudd MP
Secretary of State

Home Office

Direct Communications Unit
2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF
11th December 2016

Rt. Hon Amber Rudd,
Re: Concerns of the Gujarati Hindu Community related to Racial Attacks and Abuse
I, as President of National Congress of Gujarati Organisation in UK having a membership of 850,000, am voicing the concerns of Gujarati Hindu Community regarding increase in the Racial Attacks after the Brexit Vote which has caused increased in Racial Abuse.

Gujarati Hindu Community is a very peaceful community, engaged in Business and our children are one of the highest achievers in Education.

Our Youth is Educated and abstain from aggression, drug culture and law abiding. Recent spate of abuse which sometimes has been violent is now a serious cause for concern as our Youth will not suffer in Silence.

We urge you to take Notice and address this burning issue which will get worse once Brexit is implemented. NCGO as a responsible Organisation would like to engage with your office to establish what actions are being taken by the Home Office. We seek urgent consultation with the you as  Minister

We await your response.

C J Rabheru





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