The Gujarati community makes up a dynamic and increasingly successful sector of the British population.
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Government of India seems to have no care of British Indians despite NCGO communicating with PM Modi 4 times, Foreign Minister Arun Jaitley 2 times, Governor Bank of India Urjit Patel 6 times. There has been no response from anyone.
This is disgrace on part of PM Modi and Indian Government

PM Theresa May:

PM office has responded to every Communications sent to PM Theresa May and have been very supportive. PM has guided us to meet various Ministries who have also communicated, Very encouraging.

Mayor Sadiq Khan:

Very supportive, had a meeting with his office on Wednesday 25th January for 90 minutes which was highly appreciated. Mayor has offered all the assistance for Hindus to have First Ever Crematorium in London....This will be an ongoing dialogue.

Hon. Sajid Javid MP – Communities and Local Government

Have been very responsive, Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth has communicated on behalf of the Minister. Has offered to meet Hilary Patel – who will deal with our issues. NCGO is meeting them on 23rd February 2017.

BBC – Complaints regarding Hindu Religion being maligned

Have received acknowledgement by Email. They seem to be dismissive hence reacted swiftly to tell them that we will not suffer in silence, BBC must apologise as requested. BBC Complaints Team looking into our complaints
Care Home Petition

This is still active but Hindu Community seems to be lethargic, this is why Hindu Community fails to get any recognition...NCGO will Continue the Petition

International Women’s Day – Wednesday 8th March

NCGO Ladies Team has been entrusted to organise this event, hopefully we will have a Press Release on this soon.

Letters to Affiliated Organisations

Letter with Feedback Form has been sent to all the Affiliated Organisation. Awaiting Feedback Forms to update NCGO’s Records and suggestions from them.

Gujarat Day 1st of May Monday

Plans for Gujarat Day on Monday 1st of May are moving well. NCGO wants to make Gujarat Day as an Annual Event to be celebrated by all the Gujarati Organisations in UK. NCGO will offer to assist all the Organisations if required.

Gujarat Day Invites has been sent to:
PM Theresa May
Indian High Commissioner
Mayor Sadiq Khan
Hon. Sajid Javid
Hon. Priti Patel
Hon. Jeremy Corbin
High Commissioners of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi

Lord Gadhia, Lord Popat. Lord Dholakia, Lord Parekh
MP’s Bob Blackman, Barry Gardiner
Mayors of: Brent, Harrow and others
Cllrs: Harrow, Brent

Further Invites to Community Leaders, VIP’s & others to be sent out soon

NCGO is planning to launch a Souvenir in June assisted by Patrons Council




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