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C J Rabheru, President - NCGO, WASP, Repton Avenue, Sudbury, Wembley, Middx HA0 3DW, UK
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Rt. Hon Prime Minister Theresa May
10 Downing Street

16th December 2016

Dear Rt.Hon. PM Theresa May,

Re: Restricting Overseas Students Visa

My observation regarding your recent statement that your Government will reduce the inflow of students from overseas by at least 50% is not based on particular Country or Ethnicity though this may be the hidden agenda by your Government.

I attended a lecture as a Student in 1968 or about that time when Rt.Hon. PM Edward Smith where he made an observation that UK is thankful to the Overseas Students who are in UK to study and his Government welcomes them. Someone raised a question and answer was that these students could be CEO or Employed at a decision level to buy Machineries etc and because of their education in UK it will be in favour of UK as it would be more likely that these ex-students will buy British Manufactured Products or look out for expertise from UK.

How true was his statement then as I saw most of the overseas students in my batch had the affinity towards UK who not only bought from UK and sourced expertise from UK they actually started operations in UK employing British Workers like TATA does now.

I hope your Government has considered this proposed limitation of students coming to UK when UK after Brexit will be looking at its Former Colonies and others in Far East and Africa for trading purposes to off-set the EU trade deficit. Prime example is India which may be the saviour for UK economy. IF UK Government is ready to stop students, who may be the future decision makers would continue buying from UK or using UK based services.

Australia and other European Countries are welcoming the Overseas Students with open arms and here UK Government is ready to commit economical suicide.

In the eyes of Non-White Countries your Government’s Policy decision is being looked at it being racially motivated hence UK is creating alienation from the upcoming economic powers of the future.

Your Government, I believe is wrong to limit the arrival of genuine students because of UK’s inability to monitor bogus colleges which are thriving in UK who has defrauded the students by closing down after collecting the fees or giving poor education to the Overseas Students.

If your Government closes these Bogus Colleges and Students and has a monitoring system in place to ensure that the students arriving are genuine and they are attending the College or University and upon achieving the qualification they do return unless it is in the interest of UK’s economy to give them Work Permits.

UK needs to curtail the flow of economic refugees which is harming UK, this should be the logical step to control immigration and not by way of cutting down student visas.

Lots of established Universities are reliant on the Overseas Students who pay very high fees to balance their books.

UK Economy will feel the crunch after the Brexit, UK will need affordable qualified graduates which could be met by nurturing the talent and recruiting overseas students to fill the shortage gap of educated work force.

I, as a President of National Congress of Gujarati Community having in excess of 850,000 Gujarati Hindu Community as its member, am concerned as we have families in Gujarat hence we would like to see the students coming to UK to gain their qualification and return back to serve the country of birth.

UK & US has benefitted from the Educated Immigrants, prime example being after the war UK, USA and Russia were literally at war to recruit Jewish/German Scientists and much of the Arms Industry’s growth was due to this German Scientist who were grabbed to come to UK and US after the war.

Hon. Prime Minister as a President of a very vibrant ethnic minority, Gujarati Hindus, in UK I urge you to reconsider this badly advised to restrict visas to the Overseas Students mainly from Non-White Countries most of them Commonwealth Countries.

I hope you will consider my plea. Await your reply.



C J Rabheru




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