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NCGO 2016 - NCGO President fights for Crematorium for Hindus

Replies to: C J Rabheru – President, WASP, Repton Avenue, Sudbury, Wembley HA0 3DW

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Rt. Hon. Elizabeth Truss MP
Justice Secretary
Ministry of Justice
102 Petty France 
  SW1H 9AJ


20th December 2016

Dear Rt. Honourable Elizabeth Truss – Justice Secretary

Re: Crematorium Facilities for Hindu Faith

I as President of National Congress of Gujarati Organisations UK representing 850,000 plus Gujaratis/Hindus in London/UK  has been asked by our Members to engage with the Government and Local Authorities to provide Hindu Community a dedicated Crematorium in London so that Hindus can be cremated as per Hindu Rites and Rituals.

UK being a multi- faith Country has moral obligations to provide faith based facility which is not the case which is regrettable as Hindu Community even in their death are being discriminated.

On behalf of Gujarati/Hindu Community I urge the Government to provide dedicated Crematorium for the Hindus which can also be used by other communities if required.

Please kindly inform us if there is a willingness on the part of the Government to provide a Dedicated Crematorium in London for the Hindus to cremate their deceased family member as per Hindu Rites.

It has come to our notice that there is Burial and Cemeteries Advisory Group formed which we are unaware of. It is a pity that Hindu Community has not been consulted and there is no representation of Hindus in the Advisory Group. I have tried to find the contact details of this Group which is not available, please could you provide me with their contact details.


NCGO is prepared to engage in negotiation with your department for meaningful outcome.

Hope to hear from you as a matter of priority


C J Rabheru



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