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NCGO 2016 - NCGO President fights for Care Homes for Hindus

Replies to:
C J Rabheru, President - NCGO, WASP, Repton Avenue, Sudbury, Wembley, Middx HA0 3DW, UK
Tel: +447958 275 222     Email:

Rt.Hon. Sajid Javid MP
Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
2 Marsham Street

20th December 2016


Dear Rt. Hon. Mr.Sajid Javid,

Re: Lack of Care Homes catering for the needs of Hindu Community & Vegetarians

I, as President of National Congress of Gujarati Organisations representing 860,000 plus Hindu Gujaratis have been asked to seek fair treatment to the Hindus who are Vegetarian to be provided with Care Home Facilities as per our Dietary and Religious needs.

Like Jews and Muslims who will not each Pork as per their Religious beliefs and they will not eat non-Kosher or non-Halal meat, Hindus have the same concerns as they will not consume Non-Vegetarian Food nor eat in a place where meat is served.

As citizens of United Kingdom each community has the right to have access to facilities suitable to their Religious beliefs.

Hindus by nature are not a demanding community hence they are being neglected or side lined when Government at National and Local Levels plans for the needs of the Community. Hindus are now concerned with this disparity and discrimination hence demand that needs of the Hindu Community to be considered and provided.

Apart from other issues NCGO has been concerned with the lack Dietary and Religious facilities provided to Hindu Community’s Elders who require to go to a Care Home as they cannot be looked after by family.

WE urge your Ministry to redress this unfair treatment of Hindus by:

  1. Ensure that Care Homes do provide Hindu Vegetarian freshly cooked food as per their Religious needs
  2. Care Homes provide Religious Facilities to the Hindu Community as per their beliefs.
  3. Care Homes must ensure that Vegetarian Food is cooked in separate kitchen where there is no meat or other offending items cooked or stored.
  4. Care Home must ensure that the Kitchen Staff are also Vegetarian, knowledgeable of needs of Vegetarians and are Professional Cooks able to cater for needs of the Hindu Vegetarians to their needs.
  5. Care Home must ensure that there will separate areas for Vegetarians so that they do not get offended by them consuming food with Non-Vegetarians.
  6. Care Homes must provide praying facilities for the Hindus and have Hindu Priest visiting the Hindus in the Care Homes.


I would be obliged if you can give us a list of:

  1. Care Homes area wise
  2. Care Homes catering for Hindu needs and their locations.


I hope you will consider out request as matter of serious concerns and inform us what steps are being proposed or taken by your department to redress this disparity.

I am quite happy to meet you if required.

Await your prompt and favourable response.



C J Rabheru
President – NCGO
+447958 275 222



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