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NCGO President Complains to BBC for Insults to Hindus

Below is the letter from NCGO President to BBC Complaint Department and copies to Hon.Sajid Javid MP,  Hindu Organisations, PM of India,
 And PM Theresa May

Replies to:
C J Rabheru, President - NCGO, WASP, Repton Avenue, Sudbury, Wembley, Middx HA0 3DW, UK
Tel: +447958 275 222     Email:
BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922

16th January 2017

Dear Sir/Madam
Re: Complaints about BBC TV Programme “ Citizen Khan”
On behalf of Hindu Communities of UK and as President of largest Hindu Organisation, National Congress of Gujarati Organisations representing 860,000 Hindus, I make a strong protest about Hindu Religion being maligned on BBC TV Serial called “Citizen Khan” which was screened on Xmas Day, 25th December 2016.

Derogatory remarks were made by so called Mr. Khan rubbishing Hindus and Hindu Religion. These remarks have offended Hindus of United Kingdom and Hindus Worldwide. Hindu Community’s sentiments are hurt by such remarks which in today’s Multi Cultural and Multi Faith cannot be allowed.

Hindus are law abiding community but such remark incites our youth to resort to violence. We cannot control our Youth any longer, if our Youth resorts to aggression I am sure we as Society are to be blamed and Institutions like BBC are catalyst to such action.

It is BBC’s r moral duty and obligation to abstain from such offensive script being broadcast at a Prime Time and on Xmas Day which is meant to be Religious Day for Christians. Hindus of UK expects Written and Press Apology from BBC and give Hindu Community an assurance that BBC will never indulge in such offensive remarks to Hindu Religion or to other Religions. We also seek Air Time to express our grievances to the Nation, which BBC is morally obliged to give us.

Hindu Community are expecting speedy action from BBC hence I await your response to what action will BBC take and assure Hindus of United Kingdom that BBC will never indulge in such disgraceful script in any of its TV or Radio Broadcasts in the future.

Thanking you

C J Rabheru
President – NCGO                     cc to: Hon.Sajid Javid MP,  Hindu Organisations, PM of India,
 And PM Theresa May




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